Digitizing your loyalty

Store all your loyalty cards in your RymCard digital wallet and don't miss discounts and gift points anymore.

Get the app now! Enjoy your favorite store's loyalty program with the user-friendly Rymcard app.
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Vercel LogoDigitize your Loyalty Cards

Declutter your plastic wallet, create a digital version of your loyalty cards on your smartphone, and find them with a click. RymCard helps you reclaim your clasp over loyalty programs you once missed.

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Vercel LogoShare with your Circle & earn more points

Share your cards and let your friends earn you points using the “share card” feature. With RymCard, sharing goes both ways; your friends can also share their loyalty cards with you.

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RymCard's cloud backup feature keeps your information secure and updated. Enter your information on the app once and access it from the different devices you own.

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